time did reverse.
it becomes perfect when you learn to accept it for what it is


You’re a needle in the hay,
You’re the water at the door.
You’re a million miles away;
Doesn’t matter anymore. (x)

But I like Moriarty, [he’s] so completely willing to do something you can react against, rather than be an insipid character… I sometimes think that’s why you get boring characters on television, you tend to get variations on a theme. A UK or Irish version of an American show, or whatever. They’re the kind of shows I’m not interested in. It’s why I’m proud of Sherlock. That it’s taken a really classic tale, and made it absolutely itself. It’s why, I don’t know what you think, I’ve found it extraordinary the amount of affection there was for the show. x

Where it all began.

make me choose: lady murasaki or hannibal lecter or abigail hobbs [asked by and landas]

Everybody knows that everybody dies, and nobody knows it like the Doctor. But I do think that all the skies of all the worlds might just turn dark, if he ever, for one moment, accepts it. 


life hack: if you don’t want this to happen when clicking urls


hold in ctrl while clicking

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He’s enjoying himself so badly right now

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Anonymous asked:

can you explain the difference between fetishizing asians and preferring asian facial features (finding them ideal, the best looking)?


please show me an example of universal “asian” facial features.

you like small eyes? some asians got big eyes. some white ppl got small eyes. you like high cheekbones? do people of other races not have high cheekbones? are there not asians without high cheekbones? just what do you mean when you talk about “asian facial features”???

when you say “asians” do you mean central asia and south asia too? are you talking india? kyrgyzstan? uzbekistan? sri lanka? pakistan? or just east asia? just china and korea and japan? think about it for a sec.

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Time to go and be Sherlock Holmes.


"When did you decide to be gay?"

Last week. I woke up and I was like I want to be judged and not accepted by most of society and denied basic human rights. I thought it would be fun to not be allowed to get married and to be called rude names when I’m with the person I love. I mean, who wouldn’t want that?

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